Olathe Civic Theatre Association | A Sit Down with Andy Brown – Why a New Works Playwright Competition at OCTA?
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A Sit Down with Andy Brown – Why a New Works Playwright Competition at OCTA?

10 Mar A Sit Down with Andy Brown – Why a New Works Playwright Competition at OCTA?

While putting the finishing touches on the final round of the New Works Playwright Competition (NWPC) which opens tonight, we caught up with the creator and one of the curators of the competition, Andrew Joseph “Andy” Brown.

How exactly did you get the NWPC to take shape at OCTA?

Playwriting has always been a passion of mine and I wanted to provide an opportunity for new works development at this theater. When I joined the OCTA board in January 2016 I knew it would be my passion project to help bring this idea into a fully realized competition.

Not many OCTA audience members are familiar with playwriting. Why should they attend the competition?

This is an opportunity our patrons in Olathe might not otherwise see. We are doing something very special by helping to develop a new work. Theatre is a true collaborative art, and plays don’t just happen. They are written, re-written, and most likely re-written a time or two more. With this experience we are allowing our audiences to peek behind the curtain and get a look at the start of that process.

Have you done any playwriting?

I have written plays that have been produced both here in Kansas City as well as in Alaska and Ireland.

What have been some of your favorite scripts, either as a reader or as an actor?

I personally love stories that make you think. A good play can make you feel something, but a truly great play will make you question something. It’s my goal as a playwright not only to entertain an audience, but to get them talking about what they’ve seen as they’re leaving.

Any long-term goals for the NWPC at OCTA?

What’s exciting about the NWPC is that this is our first year! There is only room to grow from here. I’d love to see more new works produced throughout the region. It’s my hope that OCTA can serve as an inspiration to our community, be part of the exciting work that is happening in the Kansas City area in new works development, and to help give many more opportunities to local artists.

To any aspiring playwrights out there, how can they get involved in OCTA in the future?

Just ask! We are constantly looking for volunteers. Next time you drop in to see a show simply find a board member and they’ll let you know how to get involved.

The New Works Playwright Competition is Friday, March 10 and Saturday, March 11 at 8 pm. Audiences will vote for the teaser script that they would like to see produced as as full workshop later this summer. The winner will be announced

For more information and tickets, visit http://olathetheatre.org/new-works-playwright-competition-octa-special-event/

Andy posing the 40 person company of OCTA’s New Works Playwright Competition during tech.

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