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What About Evan’s Cool T-Shirts in SUPERIOR DONUTS?

17 Apr What About Evan’s Cool T-Shirts in SUPERIOR DONUTS?

Evan Lovelace (Franco) wearing his Black Power Ranger Mastodon insignia t-shirt in SUPERIOR DONUTS. Photo by Shelly Stewart Banks.

Costume designer Darcy Russel’s costumes in Superior Donuts by Tracy Letts are striking in their realism, quality, and specificity, but a couple of shirts might stand out to you when you see the show. Two of the shirts that the character of Franco Wicks wears have special meanings to actor Evan Lovelace, who chose them (with Darcy’s blessing!) for the show.

“I picked the shirts for specific reasons. I wanted Franco to be a bit more of a nostalgia nerd, he loves old school music, old school TV, and loves comic books, novels, and adventure. In the first scene in the second act, Franco is wearing a Black Power Ranger t-shirt. Zack Taylor, the Ranger portrayed by Walter Emmanuel Jones, was one of the biggest heroes for young black kids as we were not represented often. Like Franco, he was smart, charmingly irreverent, and like Franco, he was intrepid – always looking for adventure. I thought nerd Franco would definitely rep the OG Black Ranger Mastodon insignia.

Evan (as Franco) wearing his Straw Hat Pirates Jolly Roger symbol t-shirt from the Japenese Anime series One Piece. Photo by Shelly Stewart Banks.

My other shirt is from One Piece, A Japanese anime that I have been watching religiously for almost ten years every Sunday. It’s about a hilariously effervescent, fiercely loyal, young man named Luffy, who wants to be the King of the Pirates. His crew of pirates are named the “Straw Hats” and they are categorized in the “Worst Generation” of pirate crews because of their strong ideals. The logo on my shirt is what is on their Jolly Roger. There are arcs in the show where Luffy changes the world without a care if it means he can save his friends. I connect with Franco and Luffy because they are independent thinkers and have felt loss and grief. I also I want to be someone that does good in the world just by being kind, loyal, and determined … fighting for justice, even if it ruffles feathers. They both make things happen just by showing love even when everything seems to be a dead end. Franco and Arthur have that Straw Hat swag.

Franco becomes more himself as Arthur and he get closer. Our costumer did a wonderful job and I’m really happy she let me wear my personal nerd shirts for the production.”

Don’t miss Evan proudly sport his most excellent nerd shirts while delivering a performance that is both charming and powerful. Come out to OCTA, eat some donuts (we have them at concessions in the lobby), get your photo made with a massive inflatable donut (we have one of those too), and see one of the closing performances of the funny and very moving dramatic-comedy SUPERIOR DONUTS this Friday and Saturday at 8 pm or Sunday at 2 pm.

Tickets/Info at: http://olathetheatre.org/superior-donuts/


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